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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your products require refrigeration?

No. Our products are shelf stable to store, however for the best flavour it’s better served chilled. 

What is your returns policy?

We provide an unconditional return policy on our products purchased from our website. If for any reason whatsoever you are not satisfied, please return in original condition and packaging within 7 days for a full refund less freight and handling fees.

Please send to:



4779 Hanoverville Road

Suite 200

Bethlehem PA 18020

Unwanted items must be returned to the following address in full original packaging:

Are your products Vegan, or Gluten Free?

Coco Luxe Hydration, Boost and Restore are all VEGAN. Glow however contains FISH, ethically and sustainably sourced. 


In other news, they are all utterly, completely and entirely gluten-free! Yay!

Collagen and Keto.

Collagen is a protein and of course consuming too much protein could cause you to revert from a fat-burning state to a glucose-burning state. Collagen however also has plenty of benefits that are important to keto practitioners. For example, collagen is rich in amino acids that are often lacking in modern diets.


How Do I become a retailer?

Email us for wholesale pricing at


The Range

Our range is a world first combining functional macro vitamins, minerals and ingredients to satisfy our customers on the go wellness requirements, without the need to blend or mix.

Unlike many other brands we do not bladder, road freight or mix our coconuts before they are processed meaning you get the best, most fresh and ethically sourced coconuts available without the need for preservatives or using concentrate. We stand by what is on our label which you can taste in our range. 


We address 4 key health concerns we all face today;

Boost is for your post work out, or post night out. With 100% of your recommended vitamin C and 20% B12, Boost can be an immune booster, reducing fatigue as well stimulating your body’s own collagen production. It also helps retain collagen supplements you are adding to your daily routine.

Glow is our fabulous tasting collagen and super food acai beauty enhancer which will leave you glowing from inside out and your hair healthy and strong.

Hydration is our all natural, no additives ever added rapid harvested pure coconut water. Refresh is the ideal thirst quencher or blend base for your added supplement pills and potions rich in potassium and magnesium.

Restore is the ultimate in gut calming tonics. With 100% of your daily prebiotic intake in one pack and without the use of sugars, Restore gives you every day prebiotic gut protection and restoration with the beautiful flavour of Lychee.