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  • Exposing the Monkey Harvesting of Coconuts from Thailand

    With coconut water becoming a much more popular product, it is now more important than ever that you check the coconuts have been ethically sourced and harvested by human hands. The first thing to check is the country of origin. If the brand of your choice, does originate from Thailand and do not proclaim to be humanely harvested, email and ask they clarify their practices and region where their coconuts come from.  
  • The Benefits of Marine Collagen and Vitamin C

    Marine collagen is a building block for strong bones and healthy skin. As a new "buzzword" in the health industry, it's been catching a lot of attention. But what is it? And what are the benefits?
  • Our top 10 beach destinations around the world

    Does cold weather have you dreaming of a warm beach in an exotic location? Sun, sand, and surf tempt the winter-weary to enjoy marvelous fun and r...


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