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Google Reviews

I seriously thought all coconut water was the same until trying Cocoluxe coconut water. Absolutely delicious! 

Lauren Rountree

So yummy!! I’ve never tasted anything like it and I normally don’t like coconut water. It’s so good ice cold!

Vanessa Free

I absolutely love the clean, fresh taste of the blue, so hydrating after a workout. And the pink with collagen and açai has a delicious, slight pink-sweetness

Sarah Doherty

These 3 products by Coco Luxe Life are amazing. I have never liked any other coconut water brands however, I’m so happy I tried Coco Luxe and my children love it also! 

Deborah Harvey

The absolute best coconut water ever. The collagen acai is my favourite.

Ryan Smith

Love love love! So refreshing and hydrating! Even my kiddies love it! Beautiful Australian company! 

Glowing Skin

Oh man talk about take your smoothie to the next level with the Acai!! I can't believe how yummy this stuff is :) 

Wild Escapes

A Great refreshing drink after a workout.

Anthony Wyld

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